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Melanie Saville

Head of School

Melanie was born and raised on a farm in the KwaZulu Natal, Drakensberg Mountains. She was very fortunate to experience a different type of upbringing and as a result, learning was also vastly different from that of today. As a child, Melanie was accustomed to wearing no shoes, playing in mielie lands and caring for animal offspring. During her study time, a quick swim in the dam became a regular study break.

Melanie founded BRLTC with this same ethos in mind. Although now living in the city, Melanie’s aim is to try and incorporate some of her unique upbringing into our day-to-day schooling. She has a natural way with children and is able to work objectively in guiding learners and parents through using her knowledge in the remedial field. She holds many years of experience in special needs education. Melanie loves working with children who learn differently.  

Education and Training:

  • IEB Senior Certificate with Exemption – The Wykeham Collegiate for Girls, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal

  • Diploma in Contemporary Music - Academy of Contemporary Music, United Kingdom

  • BA Psychological Counselling (Cum Laude), UNISA

  • BA Honours in Psychology, UNISA 

  • Aid at Hand - First Aid 

  • Course in Creative Expressive Arts Therapy

  • BrainGym Certificate

  • Advanced Letterland Phonics 

  • Amanuensis Concessions Training (Reader, Scribe)

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