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Louise Brink

Louise has a passion for working and connecting with people, especially children. She believes that her purpose in life is to assist learners in being able to achieve their highest potential. Louise holds an interest in cultures, context, and environments and how all of these factors influence us and the way we learn and work. As an Afrikaans teacher, her method of teaching is fun-filled, out of the box and creative. Louise strives to make children feel confident and proud of their work.

Education and Training:


  • Bachelor of Education: BEd Foundation phase - NWU (Cum Laude)

  • Advanced Short course on Dyslexia

  • BEd Honours in Educational Psychology – NWU (Cum Laude)

  • SACE Registered

  • Broad Action Training (Ethics and the law)

  • How to report Sexual and Physical Harassment or Conduct

  • Six Bricks (Care for Education)

  • Level 0 Hockey Umpiring Course

  • First Aid Level 2 (S.H.R.A. Training and Services)

  • Masters in Educational Psychology (UJ)

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